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About Us
Our goal is to create a exceptional experience for clients and employees. Have a fun, clean and organized salon which in turn creates a wonderful experience for everyone involved in the business. Our passion for customer satisfaction will flow straight through to our clients, employees and vendors. Lastly, our commitment to continuous learning will enhance our capabilities and creativity, helping us retain and grow our client base.
Tara Danielle - 
Owner/Goldwell Artist/Stylist

After attending my first day of cosmeotolgy school at San Francisco's Paul Mitchell Cosmetology Academy at the age of 18, I knew I had found the perfect career! From that fateful date, my passion for hair styling has grown and helped make me become the stylist I am presently. As a small business owner and stylist at Salon Terra Bella, I am excited to run my own salon, provide my clients with cutting edge services and also enable our wonderful in-house stylists achieve their professional goals.

I believe lifelong learning and education fuels innovation. As a Goldwell Artist I am always updating my skills and knowledge to bring my clients the best services and cutting-edge products available on the market. My most recent training included attending training as a Goldwell Artist for the company, Bumble and Bumble University in New York City, with a focus on salon management. 

I have experience working with many different color lines and have found that Goldwell for many reasons is my favorite. With their extensive training programs and in salon assistants we as a salon are constantly evolving and learning the newest techniques and products to help each client achieve their desired style. As the owner I take pride in teaching and assisting each and every stylist at Salon Terra Bella be the best stylist they can be.

The most wonderful aspect of the beauty industry is the ability to make someone's day. Couldn't imagine a life without it. 
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Cecilie Smith - 
Stylist/Spray Tan Specialist

I developed a love for hair and the desire to become a hair stylist in high
school but it was my first day as a student in beauty school that really confirmed and ignited my passion for the beauty industry. There, I learned many of the latest hair cutting and color applications as well as many hair styling techniques. 

I'm self-taught and have taken advanced training as well. I believe that in this industry there's always something to learn and the moment you stop being the student, you stop improving. I'm always eager to learn and I always look forward to any and every opportunity to beautify!
Jamie Scanlan - 
Salon Coordinator

​I started off my career history working in the Silicon Valley for hi-tech companies, but was not happy. After giving it some thought I decided to do something that I am passionate about and that’s the beauty industry in which I found true contentment.

I love working for Salon Terra Bella and working with a group of ladies that have exceptional talents and creativity.

From greeting you at the front desk, to scheduling your next appointment, and confirming that you had an amazing experience at the salon, that’s what I do best. I’m here to take your call and match you with the stylist to best suit your needs!

Paige Osborn - 
Stylist/Makeup Artist/Spray Tan Specialist

​I’ve always had a passion for hair and makeup. I realized I had a real talent for this trait when I was in the 8th grade. I was cutting my friends hair and doing friends hair and make up for the 8th grade graduation dance.

From there I got further advanced in the trait and started beauty school at the age of 16. I was going to beauty school while I was in high school. Since then I have never stopped putting my hands in color and you could always find me anywhere, anytime with my shears in my purse.

One of my favorite things to do is updo’s! I love how far you can go with creativity! I am so blessed to be a part of such a beautiful salon and doing something I love as a career. “If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Stephanie Harris - 
Stylist/Makeup Artist/Spray Tan Specialist

I have always had a niche for the Beauty Industry. My mom allowed me to start styling my own hair and applying makeup at a young age. My friends shortly after, started asking me to do their hair and makeup for every dance. The more I would get my hands into the techniques, the more I fell in love with the art and making people feel beautiful for their special occasion. 
I then attended Marinello in Sacramento. With good attendance and grades I was able to provide my services with an internship for The Mrs. Sacramento Beauty Pageant, and a Fashion Show for Stomp the Runway. During my internship I preformed multiple updo’s and hairstyles along with makeup during these events. Updo’s, Styling and Makeup are my passion. They are what started it all for me.
I believe you are never done learning, especially in my industry. The styles and trends are always changing, and as a Licensed Cosmetologist, it’s my responsibility to keep up with the latest cutting and color techniques. It’s an art form that you and I can come together to make you feel glamorous when you step out of my chair.

Camille Mantefuel -
Stylist/Spray Tan Specialist

​My passion for hair began at the age 12 when I started doing my friends hair for events. I was fortunate to be able to attend cosmetology school right after high school and start moving towards my goal of becoming a hairstylist. While in school my passion for hair color, styling and perms grew. Wanting to begin my career in the right way I wanted to start off working as a part of a front desk team to learn every part of our industry, starting with customer service. I am looking forward to beginning the assistant program and become a stylist at Salon Terra Bella in the future. 
Vicki E. Dutton - 

"Color is the language of poets, it is astonishingly lovely. To speak it is
a privilege."
- Keith Crown

With over 20 years in the professional hair care industry, Vickie Dutton
has had the opportunity to work with some of the industries top
professionals both on and off the runway. Equally taking inspiration from
both the session stylist and the industry newcomer, Vickie feeds off of
PASSION for beauty. Inspired by both words and images, Vickie has the
unique ability to translate the overall “feeling” of what the client is
looking for. She has an eye for detail and beauty and an ear for the client
experience. Taking her cues from nature and particularly horticulture,
Vickie recreates the nuance of movement, structure and of course creates
custom colors that look as though they can only have been found in nature.

Vickie has trained with and taught many diverse hairdressers. Vickie has
taught classes in haircutting and coloring, provided workshop and runway
support for major hair care manufacturers and of course created a strong
portfolio of her own work in both the salon and for print. While Vickie is
a passionate colorist, she is an equally strong stylist. She understands
the movement and fabric of hair thoroughly. Vickie is available for
consults on color, wedding styles or to help you look your best.